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Verizon Wireless Unlimited Plans, Phones & Accounts

Verizon Wireless Unlimited Plans, Phones & Accounts

Verizon Wireless Unlimited Plans, Phones & Accounts: Comparing EDGE and Other Options Verizon plans are often regarded as some of the most expensive wireless plans out of the Big Four carriers. However, thanks to their powerful network, most customers in the U.S. will find adequate coverage from the company. If you live in a rural area, you probably want to ... Read More »

Verizon Single Line Plan

Single Plan Verizon

Connect to the nation’s largest 4G LTE network when you choose either a 1GB or 2GB Smartphone Single Line plan. MONTHLVoice and TextY ACCESS $60($50Data WITH EDG $75($Monthly Account Access65 WITH EDGE) Voice & Text Allowance Unlimited Unlimited Data Allowance 1 GB 2 GB Data Overage $15/500MB $15/1 GB   For more information, visit http://www.verizonwireless.com/wcms/consumer/shop/shop-data-plans/single-line-data-plans.html Read More »

Verizon Pay As You Go

Verizon pay as you go

Verizon prepaid plan “Pay as you go”. Talk and text on Basic Devices. 3 plans to choose from. If you are a person who just wants a phone for emergencies or to occasionally call someone without sending too many texts, you may want to choose a basic flip phone with a “Pay As You Go” phone plan. The “Pay As You Go” plan ... Read More »

Verizon Basic Phone Plans

basic phones

Verizon Basic Phone Plans Get talk, text, and web onBasic Devices for as low as $35/mo. Plan Details $35 Monthly Anytime Minutes 500 Mobile To Mobile Calling (with Verizon Wireless Customers) Not Included Text/Picture Messaging UNLIMITED Data UNLIMITED Pricing $35/mo Best Value $50 Monthly UNLIMITED UNLIMITED UNLIMITED UNLIMITED $50/mo   Read More »

Verizon smartphone plans

verizon device

Verizon Smartphone Plans Get unlimited talk andunlimited text. Choose 2GB or 4GB of data. View Devices for Smartphone Plans Already Have a Device? You can activate it here. It’s quick and easy. You just need your device handy. Check Verizon Coverage 4G LTE Read More »

Share Everything for internet devices

verizon plan example

Verizon Wireless Plan: Share Everything, for internet devices. Shareable Data Just choose how much data you need. Then draw on your data pool from any of the devices on that plan, whenever you choose. Connect up to10 Devices Smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots. Keep up to 10 devices connected using your plan’s shareable data pool. MobileWi-Fi Share your connection and data ... Read More »

Share Everything plan for single or multiple devices

verizon wireless plans

Verizon Wireless Share Everything plan, benefits: UnlimitedTalk Talk to your heart’s content. Stop worrying about monthly limits and overage charges. Covers all devices on your account. UnlimitedText Send as many text, picture and video messages as you want. No monthly limits or overage fees. Covers all devices on your account. Shareable Data Just choose how much data you and your ... Read More »

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